How it all works

Ok, this is how it works. Once you decide you want to remove an unwanted tree from your property, and you want it milled into something you can use; we will do a free site visit so you know exactly what volumes are in your tree. Once that is done, you can either arrange to fall the tree yourself or call us as we are in partnership with a local professional arborist who can get your trees safely on the ground. That is when we show up! As long as the trees are in a relatively close vicinity, we move your logs with our yard friendly "mumzie" in preparation for milling. We line the logs up then scan and wash them if required. From that point on Danny and Kelly start milling your logs to whatever your project requires. We can mill up to 250 brdft per hour based on the log size, shape, and condition. While we mill, we utilize your waste wood as stickers that are later used to stack your wood for drying. If you help - the price is lower! We love the help! Each and every mobile project has left our clients very happy with the product and our commitment to getting the job done in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining the high standard of quality produced by GSMM.
What we charge
Hourly milling rate once mill set up: $125.00 (Includes/2 sawyers/mill fuel/equipment) (rates change effective January 1, 2015)

Travel to your location: $1.00 per km from Summerland BC

Sticker and stacking of your product if required: $50.00 per day (we can stack em so they don't warp or twist!)

Blade damage due to foreign objects: $40.00 per blade (we do metal detect prior to cutting)

Excessive log handling prior to milling: hourly rate of $50.00/hr (Anything over 100 meters from mill site)

Execssive gravel and/or mud on logs: $10.00 per log if required (we use a 5000 psi pressure washer and may need a water source)

Overnight projects $175.00 a night (we come complete with our own camper and supplies if your project is remote)