Our LT-28 Woodmizer Saw Mill
The LT-28 is a portable band-saw mill capable of producing 275 brdft per hour. Our blade is an eighth of inch in thickness that allows us to produce smooth, high quality products with minimal waste. We can mill a log up to 34 inches in diameter and 21 feet in length. Our engine runs on an 18 horse motor that runs quieter than your lawn mower! If the home owner's property isn't able to accommodate the 1 ton truck, we can move the mill onto sensitive lands via an ATV. We come with all the tools to get your project completed.
Low ground pressure log arch
Our log arch is a custom built addition to our business, designed and capable of lifting a 14' log 36" in diameter weighing up to 2500 pounds. The arch also serves as a means to move the milled finished product to the stacking location. The log arch is designed to lift the log clear of the ground while being moved to the milling location. This alleviates dirt and gravel being embedded in the bark which reduces the need to pressure wash the logs after hauling. We built our log arch with 13" wide, low ground pressure, turf tires so our imprint on your lawn and property is soft.
The beetle wood program
G.S.M.M. is now offering the free removal of mountain pine beetle trees from private lands throughout the region. GSMM has developed a relationship with a professional arborist team who safely remove the trees in a manner which allows GSMM to mill the unwanted timber in a beautiful product that can be used and not wasted. We now offer this service so there is no expense to the homeowner.